Microsoft Copilot Now Available as a Dedicated App for Android

Android users no longer need to rely on the Bing mobile app to access Microsoft’s Copilot AI assistant

Microsoft has released a new Copilot app for Android users, giving them a direct way to use its AI assistant without depending on the Bing mobile app. The Copilot app, which was quietly launched on the Google Play Store a week ago, lets users enjoy the AI-powered features of Copilot more easily.

The Copilot app for Android has chatbot functions, similar to ChatGPT, that allow users to talk to the AI assistant naturally. It also lets users access DALL-E 3, a strong tool for creating images, and write text for documents and emails. The Copilot app also has a big benefit over ChatGPT: it gives users free access to OpenAI’s GPT-4 model, which ChatGPT charges for.

The Copilot Android app is part of Microsoft’s rebranding of its AI project, which started earlier this year. Microsoft first added a ChatGPT-like feature to the Bing search engine, called Bing Chat. But Microsoft changed the name to Copilot a month ago, and gave it its own website at, following ChatGPT’s example.

Making mobile apps for Copilot is a smart way to grow this Copilot service, especially since Bing Chat Enterprise is now also called Copilot. There is no official news about a Copilot app for iOS yet, but it might be coming soon. For now, iOS users can still use Copilot through the Bing app on their devices.

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