Samsung Galaxy S10 zoom

Samsung Galaxy S10 cameras

Samsung Galaxy S10 has one front camera and 3 cameras on the back. It also has Optical Zoom, which allows you to zoom in more without losing picture quality. On the back, a 12MP Telephoto Camera, 12MP Wide-angle Camera, 16MP Ultra Wide Camera.

Let’s understand what each camera does:

  • The Ultra-wide lens lets you take wide-angle photos or record wide-angle videos which look just like the actual view. Use this feature to take landscape photos.
  • The wide-angle lens lets you take basic photos or record normal videos.
  • The Telephoto lens (2x optical zoom) lets you take photos or record videos much clearer by enlarging the subject.

Digital Zoom in Samsung Galaxy S10 (VIDEO)

Digital zoom on S10 goes to 10x and obviously you’ll loose details and will have image noise. I had tested the video zoom in Ultra HD at 30 fps starting at 0.5x to 10x. Enjoy the clip!

How to use optical zoom in Samsung Galaxy S10

This feature it’s in the rear camera and it can also be found on S10+ or S10 5G.

To use Optical Zoom, open the Camera app and then navigate to the rear camera. Tap either Photo or Video, and then tap Zoom (the icon with one tree as in the image below).

The rear camera will then zoom in 2x on the subject and you will have a much closer view. The optical zoom feature only works in Video and Photo mode. Optical zoom does a better job than digital zoom at taking photos from far away or in dull lighting.

Optical zoom on the picture above

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