Samsung tip: Enable Separate App Sound

Samsung Separate App Sound: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Ever had your music interrupted by a phone call or a text message? Samsung offers a solution called Separate App Sound. This feature enables music playback from one app streaming on a Bluetooth speaker without transmitting all phone sounds to it while still receiving call, message, and system alert notifications. So, when a call comes in while listening to music, you can hear the ringtone on your phone and you even take that call.

Another method that you can use this feature: you can enjoy music on your headphones while your friend listens to something else on the speaker.

In essence, Separate App Sound permits two apps to simultaneously send audio to different sources independently, much like a mini computer in your pocket. Ideal for music enthusiasts who dislike interruptions or those wanting to share music without bothering others, Samsung’s Separate App Sound is the perfect feature.

How to enable Separate App Sound

Step 1. Open the Settings.

Step 2. Select Sounds and vibration.

Step 3. Select Separate app sound.

Step 4. Tap the switch to turn on.

Step 5. Tap Select.

Step 6. Select the multimedia app you would like to hear sound from on a different device. Then, tap Back.

Step 7. Select the Audio device you want to use for this app. Bluetooth devices will only be shown while they’re connected. Then, tap Back.

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